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Ricardo Maarman, the Leader of Azania Peaceful Revolution's eagerly-awaited book "THE SUBVERSION OF SOUTH AFRICA" is now Available!

“While others have attributed the ANC government ‘s catastrophic mishandling of South Africa to sheer incompetence and corruption, Maarman goes much further. For him, the pattern of failure is nothing short of subversion. His book provides a chilling account of how the politicians, judges, mainstream media and so-called civil society have all been corralled by foreign and domestic capital to undermine the South African state.” Professor Sipho Seepe

  1. This book will prove to you that:
    The NPA Apartheid system and ANC affirmative action, were as the result of the manipulation by the Carnegie Foundation
  2. The Cold War was a deception and BRICS is another deception.
  3. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is a legalised fraud
  4. The ANC, DA & EFF are in reality “one party” working towards a one-world government

This is a compelling book, an absolute must-read for everyone (whether you are pro elections or not) as the country gears up for the greatly contested 2024 National Elections!
Once read, life will never be the same again!


A virus-less pandemic, is SUBVERSION!

When the so-called SARS-Cov-2 pandemic was announced in March 2020, we followed a sure guiding principle: If untrustworthy leaders make a claim, investigate, lest we harm ourselves and others, unknowingly.

Hence the ShowUsTheVirus-Movement was born.