Exposing the Subversion

  1. Subversion is an act of deceitfully steering a country/society away from its core or desired strategic economy, its morals, and values with an aim of destroying that country/society.

Example: A Subversive teacher would teach the school children to cross the road when the robots (traffic light) are RED. The teacher’s objective is to kill these school children. Should these school children cross the road as taught and get knocked over and killed by a taxi; it’s mission accomplished to the Subversive teacher.

  1. Infiltration

Infiltration is a deceitful act of gaining access to an institution with an objective of negatively influencing it from within.

Example: In Parliament, a political party could be approached by its funders to vote for laws that favours the funders, although these laws are not beneficial to the South African people.

  1. Controlled Opposition

Controlled Opposition – is an opposition / a resistance movement that appears to oppose the main rulers. When one scrutinises the controlled opposition’s core positions or stances, one realises their stance is in support of the ruler’s objectives. The Controlled opposition’s objective is to deceive the opposition to the rulers into adopting views or behaviour which inadvertently supports the goals of the rulers. Controlled oppositions are rewarded or paid by some funder to act in this way.

Example: Supposedly a ruler intends to (secretly) privatise Eskom. The ruler will not pay attention to ensure Eskom is run efficiently & effectively, in other words, Eskom would be run-down. Seeing the people’s frustration, a Controlled opposition would call for privatisation of Eskom. Eskom is then privatised as the Ruler intended.